Monday, July 27, 2009

Green The World One Year Anniversary

A big thanks to all my family, friends, and customers who helped celebrate Green The World's One Year Anniversary, it was a huge success. A special thanks to Cyclelogical and all their wonderful biking gear and Organic T-Shirt Line, the Ogden Bicycle Collective, and Sargent Steam who spent the day cleaning and checking bikes for safety and offering information on what they provide. A big thanks to all my customers who donated to the Ogden Bicycle Collective, the donations were much appreciated. Thank you also to my vendors that donated for the give-aways; Happygreenbee, Caffe Ibis, Bubble and Bee Organics, Laylee Bead, and Nature's Indulgence Granola, you all helped make some very happy customers.

Thanks to Fawne and Pat Adams and there boys Jericho and Nayden, Fawne was one of my first customers and has become a great friend. Thanks so much for helping with chairs, ice, errands, and coke duty, your help and support are greatly appreciated.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Green The World 1st Year Anniversary

One Year Anniversary Event

Green The World located at 4171 Riverdale Road will be celebrating its first year in business on Saturday, July 25th from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Please help us celebrate with hourly drawings, refreshments, and much more.
Cyclelogical – Will be on hand with their full line of Organic Biking T-Shirts and Gear. All customers who ride their bike to Green The World will receive free spoke reflectors. Free Spoke Reflectors will be given away with any Cyclelogical purchase.

Ogden Bike Collective – Ogden’s new Community Bicycle Shop will have a trailer available and taking donations of any bike, spare parts, and any item that can be used in opening their location at 2404 Wall Avenue. The Ogden Bike Collective will be offering Free Bike Safety Checks and Valet Bike Parking.

Any customer who brings in a food item for the Utah Food Bank will receive 1% off per item donated (10% limit).

Sargent Steam – Will be on hand to demonstrate how to clean with steam using no harsh or toxic chemicals that are polluting our planet. All commuters who ride their bikes can get them steam cleaned while they shop.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I love the 4th of July. Growing up in Plain City, Utah, this was my favorite holiday. My sister Jacki, my friends and neighbors, Sally, Janet, Lana, and Joni would all sleep out. My mom would get us new "baby doll" pajamas and we allways had a new 4th of July outfit. In the morning the local cops would drive around town at 6:am broadcasting for everyone to wake up and come have breakfast at the Square. We would all go eat and then take part in the fish scramble. I cannot believe I used to do this, but you would jump in an irrigation ditch and catch fish that were dumped in right before. For some reason we loved this year after year. We would then go home and clean up and put on our new clothes. Back at the square, they would have activities all day and booths, food, and best of all snowcones. The afternoon would bring softball games followed by a movie in the church gym and then fireworks. To this day, I still go to my parents in Plain City and go to the square. There is no longer a movie in the church but everything remains almost the same and I still get my boys, age 20 and 15, new outfits, they are no longer cute red, white and blue shirts and shorts but I still get them something.

This 4th of July let's try to green it up just a bit. For your bar-b-que try and buy local and/or organic produce. It would be great if you could go vegetarian for the day but if you must have that grilled hamburger, buy grass fed, organic, and hormone free burgers and chicken. There is also a Natural Wood Charcoal available that is much better for the environment but still gives the the bar-b-que flavor. Use compostable plates, utensils and cups or try the Preserve line of recycled Plastic Plates, Cups and Utensils. These are BPA free, made from recycled plastic and are recyclable. If you enjoy the fireworks, forgo the backyard and take part in your cities display, this will help clear the air of the harmful gunpowder residue. Have a Save, Fun, and Green 4th of July.