Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


New to Green The World...

Lavender Hill....located in Utah's beautiful Wasatch Mountains

Lavender Hill truly is our very own "Garden of Eden." Nestled in a gorgeous valley, up Ogden Canyon, is the little town of Eden. It is renowned for being a destination paradise.
Lavender has been the quintessential cottage plant for hundreds of years. It's history is not only mixed with folklore, but the variety of ways it can be used is endless. As you search the web, you will see many fields and farms growing lavender, but only at Lavender Hill will you look toward the sunny, blue skies and see this magnificent flower growing among rocks and boulders, terracing upwards against a backdrop of untamed oak trees. If you're very quiet, perhaps you'll be lucky enough to even see one of our local moose meander by...

Green The World now offers Lavender Hill teas and tea ware, lotions, sprays, essential oils, bar soap, Chocolate, gift cards, lip balm, lavender swags, and much much more!